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Bride Marriage Index Book Four – Y & Z


Groom Bride Date Verified by
CONROY, Joseph C. YAGER, Betty Jane 4 Jun 1946 SHEEHY, Michael CP
HOOPER, Everett A. YOTTER, Joan Marie 3 Jul 1961 THATCHER, Arthur JP
CALVIN, Harold R. YOTTER, Pearl MRS 19 Apr 1957 HALE, R. H. MG
CHENEY, Preston Dana YOUNES, Edith Hopkins 12 Mar 1955 BROWN, Robert F. MG
BAKER, Jacob YOUNG, Alice Cornelia 28 Apr 1951 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
BURCH, Delbert Ray YOUNG, Betty 4 Oct 1952 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
WEDDING, William Cutler YOUNG, Doris Eileen 4 Nov 1950 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
WEAVER, Doris Lamar YOUNG, Eura Mae 6 May 1950 STOERKER, J. Winfred MG
SUMMERS, Robert L. YOUNG, Frances A. 26 Oct 1953 THATCHER, Arthur JP
KIRCHNER, Harold Lloyd YOUNG, Loretta June 14 Oct 1950 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
TUCKER, Alfred N. YOUNG, Margaret L. 18 May 1946 HUBER, Louis V. MG
FITZGIBBONS, Edward Leo YOUNG, Mary Lois 19 Aug 1950 GRIFFIN, Eugene CP
GROVES, Russell YOUNG, Shirley 25 Mar 1950 HARMON, Dale MG
BERTMAN, John R. ZAHRLI, Margie J. 25 Jun 1960 BERTMAN, Alphonce CP
PETERS, Richard Lloyd ZALLARS, Mary Ann Himes 11 Jun 1957 HARRIS, Gilder L. MG
BLAND, Robert William ZEIGLER, Ruth Ann 2 Aug 1958 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
KRUEGER, Frederick W. ZERBY, Phyllis Ann 18 Nov 1956 MERSDORF, John MG
MOLLOY, Joseph James ZIMMER, Deloris Victorine 19 Feb 1949 GRIFFIN, Eugene CP
MUNGER, James C. ZIMMERLY, Venida E. 15 Jul 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
WATSON, Earl M. Jr. ZIMMERMAN, Marcia 7 Jul 1953 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
WHITLOCK, Gilbert L. ZIMMERMAN, Vera H. MRS 11 Jun 1956 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
EMERSON, Albert Courtney ZOLLER, Althea Marie L. 29 May 1947 HUBER, Louis V. MG
GODAR, Francis ZWINN, Betty 12 Nov 1955 HERNAN, P. P. CP
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