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Bride Marriage Index Book Four – U & V


Groom Bride Date Verified by
BUNSE, Raymond A. ULERY, Wanda Lee 24 Jun 1950 HEINEN, P. P. CP
McNUTT, Joe A. UNDERWOOD, Imogene MRS. 20 Feb 1954 SELF, John S. Co. Judge
DETWILER, Donald C. USSERY, Lois Ann 2 Jun 1956 DICKEY, W. D. MG
DILKS, Alvin Avon USSERY, Mary Lee 22 Feb 1958 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
THURSTON, James Louis UTLEY, Mary E. MRS 25 Jan 1958 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
CAMP, Raymond G. UTT, Helen E. 27 Sep 1947 HARMON, Dale MG
BUCHNER, Virgil UTTERBACK, mary 24 Jan 1958 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
ROWLING, Charles A. UTTERBACK, Mary M. 18 Jan 1946 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
KITSMILLER, George VAHLE, Ollie 14 Oct 1961 LANE, Harold E. MG
WATSON, Herbert Clark VAN AUSDOLL, Cassie Mary Anne 22 Oct 1949 SONDERS, Edward E. MG
GRESHAM, Grant Henry VAN AUSDOLL, Opal Emmaline 2 Jul 1949 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
ABBOTT, James Edward VAN AUSDOLL, Pauline I. 11 Jul 1947 HARMON, Dale MG
ABBOTT, Robert Lee VAN BUSKIRK, Leona Mae 21 Nov 1960 THATCHER, Arthur JP
BOPP, George Jacob VAN METER, Margaret E. 12 Jun 1947 MAXTON, David B. MG
SCHMIDT, Wm. Charles VANAUSDOLL, Emma Marlene 17 May 1958 HEINEN, P. P. CP
KINCADE, Jessie VANCIL, Julia Rose 12 Sep 1953 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
RUYLE, Milton VANCIL, Julia Rose 12 Apr 1946 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
RIDENBARK, Robert VARBLE, Doris Catherine Elaine 12 Dec 1957 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
GOODALL, James VARBLE, Mary 1 Mar 1954 SELF, John S. Co. Judge
WHITE, George W. VARNEY, Ada Marcella 8 Jan 1954 THATCHER, Arthur JP
RIDDLE, Luther A. VEASMAN, Norma K. 21 Nov 1960 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
TAVINER, Jack Lee VETTER, Norma Louise 16 May 1951 BREED, W. Edwards MG
MARSHALL, Willard VINSON, Thelma A. 10 Jul 1948 HUBER, Louis V. MG
CORNELIUS, Orlan Burke VOLLMER, Faye Maxine 9 Oct 1949 BROOKMAN, L. O. MG
VOLLMER, Charles F. VOLLMER, Ruth S. MRS 4 Apr 1957 BROWN, Robert MG
DRULARD, John Jr. VONINGAN, Catherine Jane 31 Dec 1956 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
MILLER, Nelson B. VOSS, Susan Jane 21 May 1960 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
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