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Jersey County Page

Jersey County Births – 1879From the Jersey County Democrat, February 12, 1880. There could be errors, original record(s) should be consulted.

January 1879

January 4, Mrs. Sarah WILCOX, boy
January 8, Mrs. Wm. ANDRAE, girl
January 13, Mrs. Randolph NOLEN, girl
January 13, Mrs. James H. MARSHALL, girl
January 16, Mrs. John GRIFFIN, boy
January 18, Miss Julia HICKMAN, girl
January 18, Mrs. Albert FAIRBANKS, boy
January 19, Mrs. David LONG, girl
January 20, Mrs. Louis CHAPPEE, girl
January 21, Mrs. Wm. WELCH, girl
January 31, Mrs. Henry WIEDEMEYER, boy
January 31, Mrs. John RITCHIE, boy


February 2, Mrs. Christian BESTERFELT, boy
February 2, Mrs. Milford ALAMANG, boy
February 3, Mrs. Joseph BELCHER, girl
February 4, Mrs. Adolph, BAYER, boy
February 5, Mrs. Jacob JAKERS, girl
February 5, Mrs. Israel EVANS, boy
February 5, Mrs. Robert SHORTAL, girl
February 7, Mrs. James FLEMMING, girl
February 7, Mrs. Chas. A. BROWN, girl
February 8, Mrs. Wm. WELLINGTON, boy
February 8, Mrs. Sam’l C. THOMPSON, boy
February 8, Mrs. Nicholas FALLARIUS, boy
February 9, Mrs. Churt HARRIS, girl
February 11, Mrs. Nicoll F. SMITH, boy
February 12, Mrs. Robert G. SMITH, boy
February 14, Mrs. August R. EBBELER, girl
February 14, Mrs. Frank LOWE, girl
February 18, Mrs. John CO__S (COATS?), boy
February 19, Mrs. John SAVAGE, girl
February 21, Mrs. Isaac GUNTERMAN, girl
February 22, Mrs. Caleb NOBLE, boy
February 23, Mrs. Daniel SLATEN, boy
February 23, Mrs. Robert WALL, girl
February 24, Mrs. Walter WELSH, girl
February 24, Mrs. Allen W. KANNADA, boy
February 27, Mrs. John WATSON, boy
February 28, Mrs. Chas. BEGS, girl
February 28, Mrs. Ed. A. HAMILTON, girl


March 1, Mrs. Amos L. RUYLE, boy
March 2, Mrs. Geo. W. EMBLY, girl
March 3, Mrs. Lewis Y. McADAMS, boy
March 3, Mrs. Wm. F. WHEELER, girl
March 3, Mrs. Francis MILLER, girl
March 4, Mrs. Geo. W. CUMMINGS, girl
March 4, Mrs. Pat. BASSETT, girl
March 5, Mrs. David WATSON, boy
March 5, Mrs. John McDOW, boy and girl
March 7, Mrs. Albert AMBERG, girl
March 10, Mrs. Alvin SPANGLE, girl
March 10, Mrs. Francis H. ZEISER, boy
March 12, Mrs. J. A. CHAPPEE, boy
March 13, Mrs. C. V. WHITEHEAD, boy
March 13, Mrs. F. W. GEISLER, girl
March 13, Mrs. Alvin VANNATTA, girl
March 14, Mrs. James SAYRES, boy
March 15, Mrs. Chas. H. LAMKINS, girl
March 15, Mrs. S. H. BOWMAN, girl
March 17, Mrs. James MATHEWS, boy
March 18, Mrs. Chas. KETCHUM, girl
March 18, Mrs. Gotlett STINER, girl
March 20, Mrs. Henry AETON, boy
March 21, Mrs. Wm. MONK, girl
March 21, Mrs. Willis HENDERSON, girl
March 22, Mrs. John WILLIAMS, boy
March 25, Mrs. A. M. VANARSDALL, boy
March 26, Mrs. Thos. J. ERWIN, girl
March 26, Mrs. Marton PRUITT, girl
March 29, Mrs. Michael CALAHAN, boy
March 29, Mrs. Richard GILLHAM, boy
March 29, Mrs. Lewis N. PHIPPS, boy
March 31, Mrs. W. S. VAN PELT, girl
March 31, Mrs. James M. ALLEN, boy
March 31, Mrs. Henry SIMONDS, girl


April 1, Mrs. Luke DEMPSEY, boy
April 5, Mrs. John HENRION, boy
April 6, Mrs. Wm. CRAIG, boy
April 6, Mrs. Sarah MORAN, boy
April 6, Mrs. Henry C. KEMPER, girl
April 7, Mrs. Paul GLOHR, girl
April 8, Mrs. Perry WILLIAMS, girl
April 9, Mrs. David Q. TROTTER, girl
April 10, Mrs. Mark A. WARREN, boy
April 12, Mrs. Levi H. HALLIDAY, boy
April 13, Mrs. Oscar HILL, girl
April 15, Mrs. John C. ELY, boy
April 17, Mrs. Michael HOFFMAN, 2 boys
April 19, Mrs. James CHAPPEE, boy
April 20, Mrs. Wm. ROADES, boy
April 20, Mrs. Ephriam GIBERSON, boy
April 21, Mrs. Wm. H. EDWARDS, Jr., boy
April 22, Mrs. Michael VAHN, boy
April 22, Mrs. Cornelius HANK, girl
April 23, Mrs. Joseph DOUGHERTY, girl
April 29, Mrs. Amos IRWIN, girl


May 1, Mrs Jeremiah CURRY, girl
May 2, Mrs. Wm. W. WADE, boy
May 3, Mrs. David L. CLARK, girl
May 5, Mrs. Freeman J. MAINS, 2 girls
May 6, Mrs. Phillip SWAGGART, boy
May 7, Mrs. Ben. ELLIOTT, boy
May 8, Mrs. Wm H. TUCKER, girl
May 12, Mrs. J. Knox SMITH, boy
May 12, Mrs. Ira W. BARTLETT, boy
May 15, Mrs. J. Scott HOLMES, girl
May 16, Mrs. James L. MONTAGUE, boy
May 17, Mrs. Unas(?) OBERLIN, 2 girls
May 18, Mrs. Wm. BIRKENMEYER, girl
May 20, Mrs. Simon PROUGH, girl
May 20, Mrs. Marion O. ALLEN, girl
May 23, Mrs. Jehue VARBLE, boy
May 26, Mrs. David CARROLL, boy
May 28, Mrs. C. C. THOMPSON, boy
May 31, Mrs. Joseph BORUFF, boy


June 1, Mrs. Chas. E. GLEIM, boy
June 2, Mrs. MOrat GRAESBAUM, __
June 2, Mrs. John ANDERSON, girl
June 3, Mrs. Thaddeus SLATEN, girl
June 4, Mrs. Joseph KELLY, boy
June 5, Mrs. R. P. SHACKELFORD, girl
June 6, Mrs. John T. SLATEN, girl
June 6, Mrs. John NICHOLS, boy
June 6, Mrs. Joseph FAIGLE, girl
June 7, Mrs. Philip DOYLE, boy
June 7, Mrs. Charles CATT, boy
June 10, Mrs. Daniel ROADY, boy
June 12, Mrs. Nicholas WARNER, boy
June 12, Mrs. John H. GORRELL, girl
June 13, Mrs. J. S. DANIELS, boy
June 13, Mrs. Philander ALAMANG, 3 girls
June 15, Mrs. Caleb HALLADAY, boy
June 19, Mrs. L. H. VANDERSLICE, girl
June 20, Mrs. Henry DABBS, girl and boy
June 21, Mrs. Leonard RYAN, boy
June 22, Mrs. John F. BERTMAN, boy
June 22, Mrs. James K. PALMER, boy
June 23, Mrs. Vincent RICHIE, boy
June 26, Mrs. George SIMPSON, boy
June 26, Mrs. Wm. J. CAMPBELL, boy
June 26, Mrs. Albert F. MEYER, girl
June 26, Mrs. Wm. DEICHLER, girl
June 27, Mrs. Wm. A SMITH, boy
June 27, Mrs. E. K. EASTHAM, boy
June 28, Mrs. Robert SMITH, girl
June 29, Mrs. Herman OERTEL, boy
June 30, Mrs. John G. DAVIS, boy


July 1, Mrs. John GRUNAWALL, girl
July 1, Mrs. Henry BELL, boy
July 1, Miss Florence WORTHY, boy
July 2, Mrs. John JENNINGS, girl
July 2, Mrs. John KRAMER, girl
July 3, Mrs. James REYNOLDS, boy
July 3, Mrs. Taylor, ESTUS, girl
July 3, Mrs. James STAPLETON, girl
July 4, Mrs. Perry C. BROOKS, boy
July 4, Mrs. Sebastian VAZIS, boy
July 5, Mrs. Huston R. MAINS, girl
July 5, Mrs. Wm. W. MILES, girl
July 7, Mrs. John H. NUGENT, boy
July 7, Mrs. Josiah MASON, boy
July 9, Mrs. Philip HENRION, boy
July 9, Mrs. I. N. PIGGOTT, girl
July 10, Mrs. Thomas COOPER, girl
July 11, Mrs. John V. RHOADS, girl
July 11, Mrs. G. W. SPENCE, girl
July 11, Mrs. Joseph KNIGHT, 2 boys
July 13, Mrs. James CAIRNS, boy
July 13, Mrs. Wm. T. LONG, girl
July 13, Mrs. James DAVIDSON, girl
July 15, Mrs. Theodore WILSON, boy
July 16, Mrs. Michael KENNEY, boy
July 17, Mrs. James ASHFORD, girl
July 18, Mrs. Henry F. MILFORD, girl
July 18, Mrs. Michael DUGAN, Jr., girl
July 20, Mrs. Geo. R. FORD, boy
July 20, Mrs. Edson A. DODGE, boy
July 21, Mrs. James F. MOSS, girl
July 23, Mrs. Wm. H. RUYLE, boy
July 25, Mrs. Michael SCANNEL, girl
July 26, Mrs. Christopher J. SLATEN, boy
July 27, Mrs. Joseph CALDWELL, girl
July 28, Mrs. Thos. GEARING, girl
July 28, Mrs. Samuel J. MEYERS, girl
July 28, Mrs. Richard FORBES, girl
July 28, Mrs. G. R. N. REED, boy
July 29, Mrs. Thomas LAVINE, boy
July 29, Mrs. John St. Peters, boy
July 31, Mrs. Patrick FAHEY, girl


August 2, Mrs. Wm H. LANDERS, boy
August 3, Mrs. Benjamin KIRCHNER, boy
August 5, Mrs. Fred BRADFISH, girl
August 5, Mrs. George W. WEST, boy
August 7, Mrs. George QUEEN, girl
August 9, Mrs. Gustoff WAGNER, girl
August 12, Mrs. Frank HOSE, boy
August 12, Mrs. John W. DUGAN, boy
August 13, Mrs. Martin V. HAMILTON, girl
August 13, Mrs. Henry DELLING, girl
August 14, Mrs. John F. REED, boy
August 14, Mrs. Robt. T. GLORE, boy
August 16, Mrs. Anthony RECAPPE, girl
August 16, Mrs. H. E. SHOEFFEL (Schoeffel?), girl
August 18, Mrs. J. N. REED, boy
August 19, Mrs. Allen COPE, boy
August 19, Mrs. Alex CHAPPEE, girl
August 21, Mrs. W. WAGGONBLAST, girl
August 21, Mrs. Wm. D. COLLINS, girl
August 22, Mrs. Benjamin DUNHAM, boy
August 22, Mrs. Benjamin F. COOK, boy
August 25, Mrs. T. W. ANDERSON, girl
August 27, Mrs. John ALLEMANG, boy
August 28, Mrs. Laban PRIOR, boy
August 29, Mrs. Henry DOENGES, girl
August 30, Mrs. Albert S. PALMER, boy
August 30, Mrs. John W. VINSON, girl


September 1, Mrs. John KENT, boy
September 2, Mrs. Wm. SINCLAIR, girl
September 2, Mrs. Wm. HOOPER, boy
September 3, Mrs. Karl F. BEZNER, boy
September 3, Mrs. Martin ROADEN, boy
September 3, Mrs. Charles KIRCHNER, girl
September 4, Mrs. Moses ROADY, girl
September 5, Mrs. Arthur McDONALD, boy
September 5, Mrs. Zacharias VOGEL, boy
September 5, Mrs. Tarlton C. LYNCH, girl
September 6, Mrs. Sylvester HAMILTON, boy
September 6, Mrs. Thomas MUNDLE, boy
September 6, Mrs. James RYAN, girl
September 7, Mrs. J. A. McCLINTOCK, boy
September 8, Mrs. James E. AMES, boy
September 9, Mrs. James G. BRICE, boy
September 9, Mrs. Elijah WALLACE, boy
September 9, Mrs. Wm. J. NELSON, girl
September 10, Mrs. James McADAM, boy
September 11, Mrs. Thomas CALLAWAY, girl
September 13, B. C. MILFORD, girl
September 14, Mrs. John W. PATTON, girl
September 14, Mrs. James PIGEE, boy
September 14, Mrs. James McFALL, girl
September 14, Mrs. Michael McKERNAN, girl
September 15, Mrs. James FARRELL, boy
September 16, Mrs. Joshua ANGLE, girl
September 17, Mrs. C. E. G. TAYLOR, boy
September 19, Mrs. James W. FAULKNER, girl
September 19, Mrs. Richard M. AYRES, boy
September 20, Mrs. Frederick WIELAND, girl
September 20, Mrs. Edward RENO, boy
September 21, Mrs. James WALKER, boy
September 22, Mrs. Oliver P. COLEAN, boy
September 22, James A. LOCKE, boy
September 23, Mrs. Wm. S. HOPPER, girl
September __, Mrs. Lewis YOUNG, girl
September 24, Mrs. George KUHLENCAMP, boy
September 25, Mrs. Jerome MILLER, boy
September 26, Mrs. Christopher AMEND, girl
September 29, Mrs. Ed. D. HOWARD, girl
September 29, Mrs. Orange SANDIDGE, girl


October 1, Mrs. Chas. P. LONG, boy
October 2, Mrs. C. C. BUFFINGTON, boy
October 2, Mrs. Thomas LOWERY, boy
October 3, Mrs. L. L. HEREFORD, girl
October 4, Mrs. Wm. BARTON, girl
October 7, Mrs. John F. GILLHAM, girl
October 8, Mrs. Wm. H. WORTHY, boy
October 8, Mrs. Frederick STIENMAN, girl
October 10, Mrs. Wm. E. GARD, girl
October 10, Mrs. T. J. SCROGGINS, boy
October 11, Mrs. Voorheese STRYCKER, boy
October 11, Mrs. James GORMAN, girl
October 11, Mrs. John EDSALL, boy
October 12, Mrs. John WADDLE, boy
October 13, Miss Sarah J. MANNING, girl
October 15, Miss Dora EVANS, girl
October 15, Mrs. Noah B. MOORE, girl
October 16, Mrs. Mathias McLANE, boy
October 17, Mrs. James F. DEEN, girl
October 20, Mrs. Wm. F. KROTZSCH, boy
October 21, Mrs. Pumelt STIENBROCK, girl
October 22, Mrs. Henry D. FIELD, boy
October 23, Mrs. Dennis SHAY, girl
October 24, Mrs. Henry MALONE, boy
October 24, Mrs. Oscar F. BOTKIN, girl
October 24, Mrs. Wm. ADDLESEE, girl
October 25, Mrs. Joseph S. POWELL, girl
October 25, Mrs. John B. GIBSON, girl
October 26, Mrs. Wm. SIMPSON, girl
October 26, Mrs. George F.(?) SEAGO, girl
October 27, Mrs. Aug. H. BARRETT, girl
October 27, Mrs. Cyrus WALTERS, boy
October 29, Mrs. Michael MAHL, boy
October 31, Mrs. George R. VOORHES, boy


November 1, Mrs. Wm HOOVER, boy
November 1, Mrs. Matthew S. LOVE, girl
November 2, Mrs. Andrew EVERETS, boy
November 5, Mrs. Isaac MOORE, boy
November 5, Mrs. Stephen CATT, boy
November 6, Mrs. Milo COPE, boy
November 6, Mrs. Francis M. MORGAN, boy
November 7, Mrs. Walter B. SKELLY, boy
November 9, Mrs. Richard McFAIN, boy
November 9, Mrs. Warren MITCHELL, girl
November 10, Mrs. John STONE, girl
November 10, Mrs. Isaac S. PARSELL, boy
November 12, Mrs. James EADS, girl
November 13, Mrs. Wm. SIMONS, girl
November 13, Mrs. Walter S. DANIELS, boy
November 14, Mrs. Thomas A. RIGGS, girl
November 15, Mrs. Robt. KINSLA, girl
November 15, Mrs. Bart. KEEFE, girl
November 17, Mrs. CH. H. WILLIAMSON, goy,
November 18, Mrs. Terence H. ROACH, boy
November 19, Mrs. Josiah CUMMINGS, boy
November 19, Mrs. Moses C. AVDELOTT, girl
November 20, Mrs. James MULLIGAN, boy
November 22, Mrs. Clarence C. BARNETT, girl
November 25, Mrs. A. F. SLOVER, boy
November 26, Mrs. John H. WATSOP, boy
November 26, Mrs. Wm. MILLER, boy
November 27, Mrs. Edwin SHORT, girl
November 27, Mrs. James E. BILLINGS, boy
November 28, Mrs. Joseph C. RUTHERFORD, boy
November 28, Mrs. F. SCHMALE, girl


December 1, Mrs. Henry H. MYERS, girl
December 1, Mrs. Charles A. DAVIS, girl
December 7, Mrs. Wm. R. WELCH, boy
December 8, Mrs. Theodore DODSON, boy
December 10, Mrs. John M. CHRISTOPHER, boy
December 12, Mrs. Robt. M. BURGESS, girl
December 14, Mrs. Nathaniel T. KIRBY, boy
December 14, Mrs. J. G. ERWIN, boy
December 14, Mrs. J. M. VANAUSDOLL, boy
December 15, Mrs. Josiah VAUGHN, Jr., boy
December 16, Mrs. John MORISY, girl
December 19, Mrs. John KIRK, girl
December 19, Mrs. John SABO, boy
December 19, Mrs. Gustave MATTHES, boy
December 20, Mrs. Thomas CASTELO, boy
December 21, Mrs. Martin FLANIGAN, girl
December 21, Mrs. Freeman MAINS, girl
December 22, Mrs. Vinson MARTIN, girl
December 24, Mrs. Marion P. MAXWELL, boy
December 26, Mrs. Frank LIPPOLD, girl

Jersey County Page
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