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Jersey County, Illinois Marriages 1839-1841+

Jersey County, Illinois Marriages 1839-1841+

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Early Jersey County, Illinois Marriages
1839 – 1841These marriages were abstracted several years ago by Florence Hutchinson and are shown here with her permission. They are to be used as a research guide and should be documented. There are possible errors. The Jersey County Historical Society has a complete listing, as well as later marriage listings. The Illinois State Archives has marriages from 1839-1967 (see link on Jersey County Genweb main page).

GroomBrideDate of Marriage
ALLCORN, John P.HAWKINS, Mary17 October 1839
ARNSPIGER, DanielSTEPHENS, Jane20 October 1839
ELLEDGE, JoelDAVIS, Mrs. Lucinda10 December 1839
JACKSON, ThomasCOWAN, Rebecca17 October 1839
SWANN, Nathan C.PATTON, Mary Ann31 October 1839
SWANN, James G.Elizabeth A. RALLSTON31 October 1839

GroomBrideDate of Marriage
ADAMS, Hiram H.HAMILTON, Elizabeth20 December 1840
ANDERSON, JamesFINNEY, Hannah5 November 1840
ARNOLD, RichardCOWAN, Jane8 April 1840
ATKINSON, Edward S.ROGERS, Sarah13 July 1840
BORER, AbrahamJOHNASSEE, Cyntha1 March 1840
BOTKIN, William W.SIMMONS, Susanna10 December 1840
CLIFFORD, JohnVAN HART, Hetty L. W.15 April 1840
COOPER, Henry H.BURRETT, Mrs. Mary18 August 1840
COPE, JosephBULLARD, Martha16 July 1840
DARR, PhilipJOHNASSEE, Mary E.29 October 1840
DRAPER, Josiah L.BURTON, Rachel C.9 January 1840
ENGLISH, John N.BELT, Elizabeth Ann17 December 1840
HARBERT, IsaacSHULL, Mrs. H. M.24 April 1840
HETER, SolomonGILES, Jane31 January 1840
HIRCHUA, ChrisTHURSTON, Elizabeth23 April 1840
HUGS (HUGHS?), ThorntonWAGGONER, Elizabeth23 January 1840
HUPP, J. I.ABRAHAM, Elizabeth25 December 1840
LAVENDER, WilliamLITTLE, Margaret15 June 1840
LEE, WilliamDUNHAM, Hily15 May 1840
MC FAIN, DavidCOOPER, Mary18 June 1840
MAGEE, JamesBRAMLETT, Mary J.8 December 1840
MARSHALL, HenryARINHART, Barbara6 January 1840
MARTIN, VincentHUGHS, Lucinda24 September 1840
MILLER, E.WINNEFORD, Judith A.2 October 1840
MINER, Albert G.TYLER, Abigail C.13 August 1840
MINER, William K.SALLY, Mary Ann24 December 1840
MOORE, StanfordWATSON, Eliza26 July 1840
MURPHY, Robert P.CLARK, Mary Ann20 February 1840
NOBLE, CalebGILLHAM, Susannah11 September 1840
PANICK, JeremiahFULLER, Evaline26 January 1840
PARKER, JohnCHASE, Mary Ann21 May 1840
PARKER, JosephBEEMAN, Sarah15 November 1840
PIPER, SamuelRUTHERFORD, Levina16 January 1840
PITMAN, William P.ROGERS, Mary2 December 1840
RALSTON, SamuelWARREN, Margaret3 December 1840
ROGERS, WilliamHAMILTON, Elizabeth15 October 1840
ROWDON, AbramWALDEN, Tamelia17 December 1840
ROWDEN, HardinGEORGE, Lucretia2 February 1840
SILLOWAY, PerleyWILKINS, Harriet28 May 1840
SMIRIL, ThomasDOUGHERTY, Euphemia22 October 1840
STAFFORD, GeorgeCRESSWELL, Ann Eliz.25 August 1840
STRADLER, AugustinLANCE, Polly29 April 1840
SWAIN, JamesWATLEY, Hannah13 December 1840
WILLIAMS, JacksonSMITH, Margaret2 January 1840
WILLIAMS, RobertSMITH, Martha1 October 1840
WOOD, AaronPHELPS, Nancy E.28 April 1840

GroomBrideDate of Marriage
BAILEY, William J.PARKER, Mary Ann16 December 1841
BARTON, Elisha H.LOFTON, Rebecca19 January 1841
BEGGS, JosephHINSON, Permiah29 July 1841
BONNELL, David T.KIRBY, Sally Ann3 June 1841
BROWN, JosephLEE, Annis30 March 1841
CALFEE, JacksonBLALOCK, Martha14 April 1841
CARTER, EphraimSEYMORE, Elizabeth21 January 1841
CHAPPELL, WilliamHOOPER, Elizabeth7 November 1841
COOK, Philip R.SAMSON, Elizabeth23 May 1841
CURRY, Cleland W.SPRINGALE, Eliza8 July 1841
DARLINGTON, HenryNOBLE, Marion13 December 1841
DARR, JamesCOWAN, Rachel21 November 1841
DAVIS, WilsonARINSPIGER, Margaret5 August 1841
*ELLEDGE, IsaacPIPER, Winnefred A.18 November 1841
ELY, Richard J.GRIGSBY, Mrs. Sarah27 November 1841
FARRON, John W.PEARSON, Caroline30 September 1841
FITZGERALD, Daniel K.SKEENE, Catherine M.11 March 1841
FROST, William HenryMINER, Rebecca28 January 1841
FOWLER, JosephBROWN, Eliza Ann23 March 1841
GARDNER, HerrendSPANGLE, Nancy11 February 1841
GOODRICH, James A.BUSH, Esther22 April 1841
HOFFMAN, GeorgeKOLLENBORN, Mary A.30 September 1841
HOUSER, AbrahamARINSPIGER, Barbara A14 October 1841
HUGHS, WilliamBURLEY, Eunice4 February 1841
*ENGLISH, HiramGRIMES, Mary Ann3 January 1841
KELLEY, WilliamMILLER, Jane9 December 1841
KIRKWOOD, DavidCOWEN, Elizabeth18 February 1841
LEE, VincentJOHNSON, Priscilla30 August 1841
LEWIS, WilliamSMITH, Sarah21 December 1841
MASSEY, JohnBROWN, Maria9 December 1841
MILLROSS, WilliamHOBBS, Maria8 April 1841
MISENHERMER, MilesJARRETT, Margaret F.5 August 1841
NEVIS, William B.GOODRICH, Laura9 September 1841
PENCE, SingularWINNEFORD, Sarah A.13 December 1841
PENNINGTON, PhilipCUMMINGS, Mary Ann10 October 1841
PLOWMAN, JonathanCRULL, Elizabeth4 March 1841
POST, WilliamCALHOUN, Hannah4 February 1841
RHODES, Benjamin C.DARR, Amanda7 October 1841
RICHEY, MiltonCOURTS, Margaret4 July 1841
RICKEY, JacobHIGGINS, Nancy16 December 1841
RUSK, HughBARR, Ellen14 February 1841
SEGO, DavidMANINS, Elizabeth7 September 1841
SIMMONS, Richard I.DAVIS, Margaret1 August 1841
STAGGS, FelixCATLETT, Mary24 July 1841
TUNNELL, StephenRICE, Elizabeth12 June 1841
TURNER, SamuelSPENCER, Sally Jane17 January 1841
VAN DIKE, JacobFRENCH, Mrs. Sarah31 July 1841
WADDLE, DavidPARKER, Mrs. Esther23 June 1841
WHITE, IrvineQUIGLEY, Matilda3 October 1841
WHITLOCK, John H.MYERS, Emmaline16 December 1841
WILCOX, Delavin D.LANDON, Caroline E.30 December 1841
WILLIS, WilliamCARSON, Altha Ann7 January 1841
WILSON, William S.SMALLEY, Mary Ann14 February 1841

* Possibly indicates license was applied for but not returned?

GroomBrideDate of Marriage
MORRIS, JohnBRIDGES, Martha Jane2 December 1857
Married by Enoch Bridges, her uncle in Jersey County, IL. License #001360. (Martha b. abt 1838, was the daughter of Julia Ann Roundtree and Morris Bridges. Submitted by Marilyn Galvan.
BRIDGES, MorrisROUNDTREE, Julia Ann14 February 1837
Married in Greene County, IL on Feb. 14, 1837. Book 1, page 37, License #1083. Submitted by Marilyn Galvan.

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