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Family Histories – Jersey County Historical Society

Partial list of family histories located at the Jersey County Historical Society. Write JCHS, 601 N. State St., Jerseyville, Illinois 62052 for information about these histories. List contributed by Marty Crull
Surname, Description, Author/Compiler, Date
Adams, Newel L. Adams, Olive Jean Knowles Hearn, 1993

Ball, Lucy Ball Notes, Lucy Ball.

Berry, Berry Tree in Cravens’s County, Russel L. Berry.

Bourne, Bourne Genealogy – Supplement 1.

Brown, Genealogical Account of the Brown Family, Glenn A. Brown, 1988

Carpenter, Carpenter Memorial – Our Family 1303-1898, Amos B. Carpenter.

Cheney, Quasiquicentennial History of Harvel, IL, Martha R. Zimmerman, 1998

Crull, That Bunch from Rosedale 1834 – 2000, Marty Crull, 2000

DeVerger, DeVerger Portrait & Biographical Album, Susan A. Tucker Skull, 1981

Dougherty, Descendants…Milton Bird Noble, M. Birdie Noble Feiner, 1961

Ely, Ely Family, Homer Ely, 1983

Flautt, Flautt Family in America, Mrs. F. Stough Schwartz.

Ford, Ford, Rich, Roady: Excerpts from newspaper, Robert E. Ford, 1981

Ford, Ford Families of New Jersey & Illinois, Robert E. Ford, 1983

Freesmeyer, Acorns from an Oak Tree, Marie Wilson Freesmeyer, 1995

Fulkerson, History of the Fulkerson Family, Joseph R. Fulkerson, 1961

Garrison, Family of Isaac Garrison 1732-1836, Roberta Daniels, 1980

Hamilton, Recollections of Mary Ann Hildreath Chandler.

Hamilton, Noble Master, Noble Slave, Lila Flautt-Melcher, 1993

Heafner, Heafner – Steiner Genealogy, Norma Schulte.

Heitzig, A Celebration of Life, Marilyn Swearingin, 1998

Isringhausen Memories, compiled and published by Shirley Isringhausen Scott.

Jarboe, History of a Jarboe Family, Bob Jarboe, 1974

Johnston, Johnston Family History, Erwin Thompson.

Kanallakan, Pages of the Past, Gertrude Lynn.

Lamont, Thomas Lamonts in America, Corliss Lamont, 1971

Mains, Warren Mains of Jersey County, IL, Betty McCullen.

Martin, Martin Family Record 1760-1863, W. S. Martin.

McReynolds, McReynolds-A Noble Clan, Wm. Howard McReynolds, 1980

Moffat, The Moffats, Francis Moffat, 1987

Noble, Hon. Reuben Noble, S. A. Nye.

Noble, The Descendants of Milton Bird Noble, Birdie Noble Feiner, 1961

Noble, Nobles of Somerset County, Maryland…, Phyllis J. Bauer, 1997

Noble, Descendants of James & Nellie Noble, David Schaefer.

Page, Reminiscences of Uncle Joe Page, Uncle Joe Page.

Pivoda, The Pivoda Genealogy, Norma Pivoda Schulte, 1988

Reed, Family Scrap Book of Kirby, Reed, Utt, Kirby, 1996

Richey, Richey Tracks Vol. 1 – 2, James Richey, 1986-1988

Riehl, Riehl Family History, Erwin Thompson.

Riehl, E. A. Riehl Day Book, Erwin Thompson, 1995

Ritchey, James & Eliza Ritchey Family 1700-1976, Meribah E. Clark, 1976

Schlansker, Rugged Hills & Stalwart People, Clara B. Shelton.

Utt, Genealogy & History of the Utt Family , Claire Utt.

Whitlow, Whitlows in Oregon 1855-1952, Leonard A. Whitlow II.

Witt, Witt Family History 1600-1996, Marty Crull, 1996