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Index to Register of Deaths 1878 – 1900+

Through the Courtesy of Illinois Regional Archives Depository
University of Illinois at Springfield


No “X” Surnames
These deaths were abstracted from copies of the Microfilm of the original Index to Register of Deaths, Jersey County, IL housed at IRAD/UIS in Springfield. Deaths were not recorded in Illinois until the year 1878. It became a law in Illinois to report deaths in 1916. So the years between 1878 and 1916 does not reflect all of the deaths in Jersey County in that time era. Many were not reported.

These records are transcribed as accurately as humanly possible, but errors could have been made in the translation, as the early handwriting is sometimes hard to decipher. Also, as the transcriber is human, typos could have been made. One should consider every variation in the surnames they are interested in when searching for a record and for the possible misinterpretation of the name by the recorder.

* No attempt was made by this transcriber to add or detract from these readings. If a column is blank, such as given name, that is the way it was recorded in the index. Some recordings were transcribed after 1900. In the cases where the “cut-off” of the copy was after 1900, it does not reflect the Register and Page numbers. So if a column is blank, I do not have it. What is transcribed here is all the information I have.

If errors can be proved by legal methods, such as death certificate, the County Clerk can be notified.

I am pleased to be able to offer these death records freely for genealogical research – Mary Ann Kaylor

For details on how to obtain a copy of the original death record, contact:

County Clerk
Jersey County Courthouse
201 W. Pearl St.
Jerseyville, IL 62052-1675
Phone (618) 498-5571